The Sitia province is one of regions of Greece and of the whole world with a large number of antiquities within its borders, with archeological sites such as:
The Minoan palace of Zakros, the Minoan town of Palekastro, the Minoan settlements-naval centers of Mohlos and Psyra, the Minoan cemetary of Aghia Fotia, the Minoan palace and settlement of Petra, the Minoan villas in Sitia, in Zou, in Pano Zakros, Achladia, Aghios Georgios, Makrus Gialos, the residence Hamezi, the eteocretan Praissos, the Doric Itanos, the Hellenistic settlements of Trypiti and Xerocambo, the Roman Lefki (koufonisi) the medieval settlement of Voila, the Kazarma fortresses of Sitia, the Venetian villa in Etia, Liopetro, Monte Forte, ect;