Beaches in Xerokampos Sitia
Xerokampos beaches are amazing. Xerokampos has all kind of beaches. Beaches with gold sand, with white sand, with pebbles and a beach with clay for natural spa.
The wild beauty of the mountains and canyons is combined with fantastic beaches, the coastal bays, palm trees and olive groves and creates a fabulous scenery transforming the area of Xerokampos into a paradise of south-eastern Crete.
The crystal clear turquoise waters of the Libyan Sea are ideal for swimming and Cavali or Kavali islands a few meters from Xerokampos beaches are waiting the divers and the good swimmers to discover their secrets.
The main beaches of Xerokampos are:

  • Xerokampos main beach
  • Alatsolimni beach
  • Potamos beach
  • Katsounaki beach
  • Argilos beach
  • Gerontolakos beach
  • Tis lygias o lakos beach
  • Stou maznta ton ammo beach
  • Amatou beach


Tourist guide for Xerokampos Sitia