The ancient village of Etia and the Venetian villa also known as Seragio that exists there is between the villages of Papagiannades and Armenoi about 22Km south of Sitia.

The Etia or Ettea flourished especially in the age of the Venetian occupation. The around temples indicate that the village existed during the Byzantine period as well.

Etia was fief of the Venetian family of De Mezzo who built their three floor villa that stands partly until today and is known to the locals as "Seragio - Serai" because it was used by Turkish officials.

The mansion of De Mezzo constructed in the 15th century and considers one of the most representative examples of the Venetian architecture in Crete.

The mansion is impressive and worths a visit. Apart from the arched ceilings and the stone floors worth's noticing the De Mezzo's coat of arms which consists of exotic forms and a wide shield and the stone built fountain with carved inscription.

Seragio has been restored by the Archaeological Service.