Sitia Rakadika

The Rakadiko is a kind of traditional kafeneio and in most cases a combination of kafeneio and tavern.
Everybody knows what tavern is but what about kafeneio?

The Kafeneio is a kind of café where people use to go in order to drink coffee, different beverages, refreshments, and alcohol drinks such as raki, tsikoudia, ouzo, wine etc. The main difference of the café is that in the Kafeneio with the alcohol drinks meze (appetizers) is served as well. The meze usually is a number (four to six) of different traditional Cretan dishes. The kind of the meze depends from the time of the year, the owner, and from the kind of the alcohol drink.

The main difference between Rakadiko and Kafeneio is that in the Rakadiko except from the meze that is served with the raki, the ouzo, the wine, the beer etc is that with a small extra charge you can ask for extra meze, also you can order from the catalog additional dishes. In the kafeneio there is no catalog or extra meze (in some areas mainly in the around villages there is this possibility).

Sitia has several Rakadika located across the scenic port at El. Venizelou street. Many people of all ages gather at rakadika and the atmosphere is amazing.

In order to get to rakadika, from the town's main square (looking west towards Emporiki Bank) turn right a El. Venizelou Street.

You can also park at the dock of the harbor next to fishing boats and get to rakadika while walking along the harbor.

We present Sitia's rakadika according to their location. We start the presentation by turning right at El. Venizelou Street from the town's main square
  • Meraki
    Niko`s place is the first rakadiko that you will see at the pedestrian walkway of El. Venizelou street. Meraki has many tastefull specialties and the menu includes everything. (traditional dishes, homemade food, a la minute dishes, fresh fish, seafood etc).
  • Oinodeion
    Garefalakis Dimitris the owner has made a lovely place with traditional style and excellent cuisine. The view over the the harbor is great as well as Dimitri`s specialties. Traditional Cretan dishes, homemade dishes, a la minute dishes, fresh fish and seafood are part of the complete menu.
  • Traditional Kafeneio “Rakadiko”
    “Rakadiko” is also known as Antoni`s place. Antonis offers very good raki, exceptional traditional Cretan meze, special dishes and more…. The “Rakadiko” is also known as a place with very good music.
  • Aposperitis
    Aposperitis (it means evening star) is one of the traditional rakadika of our town. The atmosphere is very nice and very friendly. Next to the entrance there is a big mirror that is full of madinades (Cretan poems) that are written by the friends and the customers of Aposperitis. We would suggest reading them but...... George and Maria the owners of Aposperiti will make sure that you will have a great time.
  • Rakodikion - Tavern rakadiko
    Rakodikion Rakodikion is the newest traditional rakadiko in Sitia. Its 100% family owned business and stands out for the very good service, the cleanliness, the very good quality and the tasty dishes.