Sightseeing of Koutsouras

If you want to combine the swimming, the sea and bright sun along with sightseeing Koutsouras is an ideal choice. The southern slopes of Thripti mountain are covered by dense pine forest, which is an oasis in the dry landscape of Lasithi. Unfortunately a major fire in 1993 destroyed a large part, but it has gradually recovered.

You can get a little taste of the pines by visiting the grove - park - forest of Koutsouras or gove of Apiganias, just 1.5km west of the village. Despite the fire damage, however, Koutsouras Park is a lovely place with dense vegetation and rich plant and animal life. The park is also used for cultural events. From the park also starts the Gorge of Koutsouras that links the villages of Koutsouras and Oreino.
The Gorge of Koutsouras is also known as Gorge of Red Butterflies and is a unique gorge with many pine trees and springs with fresh water. Despite of its name, you won’t see many butterflies in the gorge. During the last few years they appear mainly during the spring months. The reason is the great fire of 1993 which disrupted the area’s balance.
After 3 – 4 hours walk if you carefully follow the marks that exist and  indicate the path you can get to Oreino village. In the last part of the track before you get to Oreino village you will see small springs and amazing waterfalls (mainly in the winter months).
Oreino village on Thripti mountain is surrounded by walnut, pine and plane trees. In the area there are also many fresh water springs. Relax in the kafeneio in the village square and take a coffee, a refreshment or much better an ice tsikoudia – raki. Enjoy the fascinating view towards the Libyan Sea and Koutsouras under the shade, listening the birds and the sound of the current water. You can also get to Oreino village with your car if you drive north and follow a 14 km wonderful uphill road towards the Thripti mountain.

From Koutsouras you can also follow another wonderful route and enjoy your coffee or your drink at Stavrochori village (7 kilometers) or Chrysopigi village (11 Kilometers). Also if you feel like walking you can walk in the flat area around the village within a middle landscape and discover the Crete nature.