A trip to Sitia is a trip at the roots of the European civilization.

The Minoan civilization, as it is commonly accepted, is the first and most ancient great civilization in Europe, and here, in Eastern Crete, in Zakros and Palekastro, in Mohlos and Psyra, the first centers and ports of this great civilization developed.

This is the place referred in the charming ancient myths. Zeus, the king of the Gods, who according to myth transformed into a white bull, seduced and abducted the beautiful daughter of the king of Phoenix, Europe, and carried her on his back to bring her in Crete, somewhere here, in a beautiful beach down in Palekastro and Vai. They stayed there to rest, and then they continued their route to Diktaio Antro and Gortyna.

This beautiful myth entails some historical implications on the relationship of Crete with the East, explaining why here, in Eastern Crete which is close to Asia Minor, Syria, Palestine, ancient Phoenix and Egypt the first signs of European civilization were born.

Source: CreteSitia.gr