Restaurants in Xerokampos Sitia - Taverns in Xerokampos Sitia

We present taverns & restaurants of Xerokampos Sitia.

In the taverns of Xerokampos Sitia and in the restaurants of Xerokampos Sitia you can find almost everything and enjoy guaranteed and responsibly all kinds of food.

 traditional Cretan dishes, traditional Cretan cuisine and food, local specialties, traditional Cretan appetizers - meze, seafood, fresh fish and know the value of the Cretan food - diet.

Choose the one that you like better and enjoy your lunch or your dinner either next to the sea or with unlimited sea view.
Don't forget to try the local specialties.

Enjoy your vacations - holidays in Xerokampos Sitia !!!

The order of the presentation is random, tourist guide for Xerokampos Sitia
  • Akrogiali Tavern in Xerokampos Sitia
    Tavern Akrogiali that means seashore is one of the well known taverns & Restaurants in Xerokampos Sitia and is located at the main beach of Xerokambos. As you can understand from the name the tavern Akrogiali is located next to the beach. At Akrogiali you can have fresh fish, seafood, traditional Cretan dishes, homemade food, and la minute dishes.
  • Kostas Tavern in Xerokampos Sitia
    Kostas tavern is one of the oldest and most well known taverns in Xerokampos Sitia and is located at the main road of Xerokambos Zakros. Kostas tavern is also one of the most beautiful taverns in Xerokampos area and has great cuisine. The view from the tavern`s porch is fantastic. The stone décor, the wood, the color flowers and the green plants create a fantastic scenic. Fresh fish, seafood, traditional Cretan dishes, homemade dishes, and a la minute dishes are part of the menu of Kostas tavern in Xerokampos Sitia.
  • Crteta Sun Tavern in Xerokampos Sitia
    Traditional tavern Creta Sun is one of the most reputable restaurants & taverns in Xerokampos Sitia. Creta Sun tavern is located on the main road of Xerokampos towards Zakros and is known for it`s traditional Cretan cuisine the traditional tasty dishes, the a la minute dishes, and spectacular sea view. Creta Sun is a beautiful traditional tavern and offers many more specialties that worth trying.