Restaurants in Makrigialos Sitia - Taverns in Makrigialos Sitia

We present taverns & restaurants of Makrigialos Sitia.

The traditional taverns of the area serve fresh fish that is caught from the local fishermen. Also a la minute dishes, homemade food and other local traditional dishes are served.

Bon apetite and enjoy your vacations - holidays in Makrigialos Sitia !!!

The order of the presentation is random, tourist guide for Makrigialos Sitia
  • Mina`s Place fishtavern in Makrigialos Sitia
    The fish tavern To Steki tou Mina (that means Mina`s Place) is the first traditional family fish tavern that you will meet if you go to the small port of Makry Gialos from the south side. The place is very nice and the tables are next to the sea.
  • Cave of Dragon Traditional Tavern Makrigialos Sitia
    The well-known tavern Dragon`s Cave of Vassilis and Sofias and Drakou is in the 3nd kilometer of Makrigialos towards Kapsa`s Monastery and is about 30 km from Ierapetra and 35km from Sitia. It is built on a hillside and offers amazing view of the blue shores of the Libyan Sea and will accompany you on every gastronomic getaway.
  • Porfyra tavern - restaurant in Makrigialos Sitia
    Porfyra tavern - restaurant Makrigialos Sitia. Porfyra is the first restaurant that you will see if you enter Makrigialos from Sitia. The restaurant is located opposite from Mikri Poli hotel. Porfyra is a traditional restaurant with sea view, variety of tasty dishes and a beautiful environment with elegant style. The stone, the wood, the beauty of the plants and the flowers and the traditional touches will surprise you pleasantly.
  • Gabbiano restaurant in Makrigialos Sitia
    Gabbiano restaurant in Makrigialos Sitia. Gabbiano is a family restaurant and is located opposite from Sunwing hotel at the area Analipsi Makrigialos. Gabbiano is a very good choice for lunch or dinner in a peaceful and beautiful environment and offers multiple choices from the Cretan and the Greek cuisine with fresh local ingredients and pure olive oil.
  • Aposperitis tavern - restaurant in Makrigialos Sitia
    Aposperitis tavern - restaurant in Makrigialos Sitia. The traditional Cretan tavern Aposperitis (that means evening star) is located in the main street of Makrigialos opposite from Sunwing hotel. This year the tavern renovated complete and created a unique traditional and beautiful environment that worth visiting.
  • Obelix pizzeria - fast ood - grill house in Makrigialos Sitia
    Obelix is a modern place and is a great choice for your breakfast, your lunch or your dinner. Obelix is a family business and combines pizzeria fast food and grill house. The beautiful decor, the style the service and the tasty dishes will satisfy you for sure.
  • Kastro tavern - restaurant in Makrigialos Sitia
    Kastro - Castle Tavern - Restaurant in Makrigialos Sitia The Castle is a beautiful restaurant - tavern in the main street of Makrigialos and you can see it in your right exactly after Sunwing hotel, if you come to Makrigialos from Sitia. Castle tavern - restaurant in Makrigialos is in a privileged location and has great view towards Makrigialos beach and the Libyan Sea. Except from fantastic view, Castle restaurant offers a delicious menu with tastes from the Greek and the Cretan tradition and an authentic atmosphere in a unique and cozy setting that matches perfectly with the name Castle.
  • Tramuntana traditional fish tavern in Makrigialos Sitia
    Tramuntana Traditioanl Fish Tavern in Makrigialos Sitia Tramuntana is a traditional family fish tavern in Makrigialos where you can enjoy a feast of flavors and images. Overlooking the endless blue of the Libyan Sea you can enjoy wine, ouzo, raki or whatever you like in a incredibly warm and hospitable environment.
  • Hawaii tavern - restaurant in Makrigialos Sitia
    Hawaii tavern - restaurant in Makrigialos Sitia is a genuine traditional restaurant – tavern with flavors and aromas from the traditional Cretan and Greek cuisine. Hawaii tavern - restaurant is located between the main beach and the main street of Makrigialos (Analipsi beach) and has two main entrances. One entrance is from the main street of Makrigialos and the other entrance is from the beautiful sandy beach of Makrigialos. The environment is very warm and friendly, the wooden decor, the folklore elements, the beauty of the plants, the flowers on the nice tables, the beautiful wooden pergola and the spectacular sea view, certainly will “travel” you.
  • Votsalo tavern - restaurant in Makrigialos Sitia
    Votsalo Tavern - Restaurant in Makrigialos Sitia You will find the family tavern Votsalo (that means pebble) a few meters before entering the small port of Makrigialos from the east side. The environment in Votsalo tavern is very nice, the service ideal and Mrs. Georgia will do her best in order to please you and offer you nice memorable moments in her family tavern. Votsalo tavern - restaurant in Makrigialos offers a very tasty, healthy and complete menu for the adults and for the children