Palaikastro is a big village in the eastern Crete and is located 16 km from Sitia. The area of Palaikastro has great beachesarchaeological sites and generally is an area of unique natural beauty .

Agriculture is the main occupation for the local people and secondarily the tourism.

 If you are interested in archeology you can visit the Minoan city at Rousolakos area, Erimoupol - Itanos and also the folklore museum of Palaikastro where you can will also see how a traditional cretan house used to be...

In the taverns - restaurants of Palaikastro area and also in the fish taverns in Chiona, Kouremenos, Agathias and in the rest area you can taste delicious traditional Cretan food and fresh fish from the local area.

You can also enjoy a coffee or drink in the cafe and the bars of Palaikastro. In the village there are several shops for shopping as well as a pharmacy.

Palaikastro and the surrounding area, Vai, Kouremenos, Chiona, Maridati and Agathias, is ideal for your holidays. The hotels in Palaikastro, the rent rooms and the apartments of Palaikastro and the surroundig area will ensure a comfortable and pleasant stay.