The name of Sitia

The name Sitia is old and it emanated from the name of the ancient town Itidos or Itias that was found in Eastern Crete. Students and linguists that dealt with the etymology of the name report that rather it emanates from genitive of the name Itia. 

In a sign from the ancient town Praissos, mentioned the Sitaitas, therefore certain linguists appreciate  that it is possible to existed different town with the name Sitaia that was later changed in Sitia.
But even if the name of Sitia emanates from the ancient Sitia or Sitaia it is also sure from the archaeological findings that the new town was not built in the area of the ancient town.

  • Sitia`s History
    The town of Itia and mainly the Eastern department of the town, the region of Petras, inhabited from the copper season and experienced greater growth in the 2nd century BC. Itia had its own currency and the prosperity continued during the Roman and the Byzantine period. The period of the Venetian domination Sitia that was written in the Venetian documents as Sittia or Sithia or Settia progressed so much and the Venetians described Sitia as "the radiant focal point of the island" (maximum statum et lumen insulae) and refer to it in Regno di Candia as a major commercial hub for the East and Africa. That period builded several castles and fortresses. Of those even today fortress Kazarma, dominates above the Sitia. Sitia had active part in all the revolutions against the conquerors.