In Sitia: Tourist guide & travel guide for Sitia, Palaikastro, Xerokampos, Zakros, Makrigialos, Koutsouras & Mochlos

The tourist & travel guide for Sitia region with discreet title "In Sitia" is the first attempt for a pilot travel guide that will contain useful information not only for the visitors of Sitia but also for those who considering a  visit or simply want to learn about Sitia and the around area like Makrigialos, Xerokampos, Zakros, Palaikastro, Mochlos etc.

The tourist guide for Sitia is a free press tourist guide and you can find it in the airport of Sitia, in the tourist information office and in all the sponsors of Sitia's travel guide edition and contains many information if you deside to enjoy your holidays in Sitia.

Travel guide "In Sitia" includes:
Presentation of the beaches of the surrounding area. History, areas & sites of historical interest and natural beauty that worth to know and visit.

At the tourist & travel guide for Sitia with title "In Sitia" you will also find the best suggestions for dining, entertainment, accommodation, shopping, car and bike rental, travel agencies and more. Also there is detailed map of Sitia and map of east Crete.

This way the visitors or the prospective visitors of Sitia will be able to learn, not only for the natural beauty and the history of our area, but also what they can do, where they can go and how to get there.

We would like to say a big thank you to all the sponsors - advertisers who trusted us and with their subscription made possible the publish of 5.000 copies and also to all those who assisted us. Another thank you to the Development Organization of Sitia (O.A.S.) and the Municipality of Sitia who allowed us to use historical data and information from the website and the website

We would like to renew our appointment for 2012 with the second edition of the tourist guide for Sitia region "In Sita" and apologize for any mistakes or omissions that may exist. We would like your assistance, so please send us your comments or your suggestions by e-mail at:

Thank you !!!

In Sitia free press tourist guide and travel guide for Sitia region